Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Double Dunk?

This week it was just another day in the hood of Mexico. i thought that it was going to be a freaking hot day because it was 10 in the morning and already roastin the toast (yeah it was that hot) and there were no clouds in the sky. But I have learned that you can not tell what is going to happen in the afternoon by how the weather is in the morning (well... Duh right?) so we just went contacting away and 2 of the ten contacts that we did looked at me and told me. "Didn't you already talk to me?" And I just gave them the dumb look like I had no clue what he was talking about (even though I knew perfectly that I had already contacted this man and this other women back about 4 to 5 months ago) . When it was almost time to go for the food this huge storm just suddenly rolled in and started to down pour. I personally would call it a flash flood because you could practically see the wall of water coming toward you as you have just enough time to run to the nearest tienda to take cover. The rain probably fell for about 20 minutes and de repente it just stopped. And we continued on our way but... The only difference was that we were walking in like 2 to 3 inches of water. But it sure was a nice change from all the really hot days that are always here. 

The other experience that I would enjoy to share is when an elder tried to rebaptize himself (not really). But my comp and I were helping out another companionship with their baptism and I was talking with the people who were going to get baptized and all of the sudden we hear a splash from the baptismal font... As we walked over there I was thinking if some child had come into the church and had fallen in on accident. But when we got there we saw that it was the comp of our district leader :D he explained to us that he was checking the water temperature from the faucet when his feet slipped and he fell into the pila bautismal. When we heard the whole story and after we checked that he was alright I reminded him that baptism is an ordinance that in which we can only participate once in our life's. And by jumping into the baptismal font it won't clean us like it did the first time. But... Yeah... I can't lie it was a pretty funny experience because if you can imagine we are all there outside of the room of the baptismal font and we hear this splash ( when I heard the splash it reminded me of my first baptism as he tried to cannon ball back into the pila bautismal. So my first thoughts were that a child wanted to take a small dip in the warm water but it was not a small child but an elder :D) wondering who it could be because in a baptism a splash of that kind of force does not happen and then to walk over there to see this elder in the water was well... An experience :D needless to say it was a first in the mission :D 

The Flash Flood after a hot morning:D:D:D

And the calm after the storm.....

A tour of the apartment....

I paid for hot water this month so we are livin the dream:D:D

 The coolest microwave in the area:D:D:D and yes, mold in the corner grows well:D:D:D

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