Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

La Dejada

We has some things happen this week that were well... Pretty fun and something's that were not so much fun. I am going to start out with the thing that was not so awesome so that I can end on a happy note :D

It all started when I wanted an orange juice. And found this lady who was selling orange juice. And clearly I asked her. "How much is it?" And I was told that it was 10 pesos, so clearly I bought me some orange juice and just happened to sneak in there the whole fact that we are missionaries and that we would like to pass by her house so that her and her family could listen to this message. And it was an absolutely delicious orange juice and even better when she told us that we could come back the next day. And when we returned the next day we got the chance to talk with her husband and her. And we found out that her husband has about 20 books from the church and has been studying them for the last year and a half. And as we started to teach him the lessons he really enjoyed all of them and how he would be able to be with his family forever and all the other things that we taught him about but... There was one thing that he was not so sure about. Because he had already been baptized in the Christian church (they do it the same way that we do it but just with no authority)  and he believed that the baptism that he partook of was correct. And so we went on explaining that it is necessary that when we participate in a baptism that the person doing the ordinance has been called of God and has the authority or the baptism is not the baptism that Jesus participated in.  And over like two weeks we kept on teaching him and he was praying everyday and reading the Book of Mormon and really wanted to get baptized again. Until 2 weeks before his baptismal date he went to his pastor and asked him what he should do... And this is where the sad part comes in... After he had finished talking to his pastor he stopped praying and stopped reading the Book of Mormon and stopped doing all the things that were helping him receive his answer. So when we passed again at his house we started to talk again and I could tell that something was different because he started reciting his prayers again and started saying a bunch of nonsense and then he told us that he 100% believes that his baptism is true and does not want to he baptized. And so I asked him why he changed his mind and he told me all about how he went with his pastor and he had convinced him that his baptism it correct and that it is not good if he participates in another one and all that jazz. And after he had got done explaining all that to us I just knew that he didn't want to be baptized in this moment, because of what his pastor told him he started to deny all the signs that God was giving him and turned to the answers of man. As we were leaving and told him that we were here to help him and that we would love to see him at church still every Sunday I told him two things. The first was. Remember that the only person that we can trust in is God and if he tells us that we need to change we should follow him and the guidance that he gives us. And the second thing. If you ever want to ask your pastor or the man who baptized you where they got their authority to baptize people please do. Because you know it's necessary that man receives the authority directly from God through the laying on of hands and from no where else. ( I said this as nice as I could so that it wasn't threatening but so he could understand the importance and keep a good open relationship for the next missionaries who will come and baptize this man when he is ready) and with that all said and done.... We left. And so that was pretty interesting but as we left we felt the spirit there so we knew that we had ending it well and that one day he will have the hunger again to fill the space that he told us that he has in his life.

And the other thing that happened this week was the stake threw a party for the 15 of September. And all I got to say is... DANG that was a good time . Why don't we have one of those every month. Cuz this kid is really lacking a good ol partyin. And at this fiesta there was a mechanical bull and as many tacos that you could eat and pombosos and posoli and sopes and so much more food and goodness gracious that you could put in your tummy. And yeah... Those were the best "two lessons" I have ever taught .

But yeah... That was what passed this week. So.... We will see what is going to happen this next week.

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