Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Justin Bieber?

This week was... welp... interesting. So... i had changes and am no longer in Arboleda and am now in the area Pantitlan. And my comps name is Elder Benitez. The area is like freakin heaven. I have not seen a dirt street in like... a week!!! Yeah that is definitely a blessing to not have to re-deep clean my shoes everyday. but... yeah...

So... this week the first day i was here we were just wrapping up our day and we turned onto this street and saw this car stuck in a mud hole (and i now know that you are thinking that i just said that i have not seen a dirt road in a week and so... just to clarify i have not seen a dirt road besides this one part of this road:D:D) so we went to help this man with his car. so we spent like 20 minutes trying to lift this freakin thing and we could not get it to budge, so finally someone brought a jack and someone brought another one so with these 2 jacks we managed to get the back end of the car way up. but... the problem is... it's the front that is stuck so... with time we slowly repositioned the jacks a little bit forward until literally the car was just suspended like a teeter totter. (i hope you can imagine what i'm tryin to explain.) so now we have the car suspended but... the car is front wheel drive... and all 4 wheels are off the ground. hahah so someone had an idea to fill the mud hole with rocks. and once we thought the pit of endless despair was full we lowered the car down and!!! it started to sink yet again but the owner quickly jumped in and gunned it. I have never seen a car bottom out so bad and mud was flyin everywhere but... he got out:D:D:D yeah what a great first day adventure eh?

and the next thing i just wanted to share is...we were sharing this lesson with this hermano and as we were wrapping up i just had a thought that i should share this scripture, and ya know the last 50 times that i have had that feeling i just shrugged it off and didn't say a word but.. this time i just decided what the heck. so i just talked to the man and told him that i wanted to share a scripture with him. and i shared the scripture that had come to my  mind and after that he told me that this scripture was exactly what he had needed to hear. OH YEAH! Hooray for doing something right. eh? and so that was a pretty cool experience being able to actually have the courage and have the spanish come out fine to explain to this hermano this scripture. yeah.. that's all i wanted to share about that... kinda lame but... what eva. 

this other time we were knocking on the door of this ladies house and my comp said... we already taught her the lesson before that we have prepared so... i'm just going to let you take over and make something up... oh great... that is just fantastic. that is exactly what i want to hear right as we are walking in, right? but... so i just decided that i was not going to worry about it. ya know the whole open your mouth and the Lord will fill your mouth with what you need to say? yeah.. so lets just say that i was really depending on that blessing. so right as we ended the prayer yet again anther scripture that i had studied that morning came to my mind and so...i just flipped to it and with what she had told us before, we started the lesson i just began to apply this scripture to what she was currently going through and so... ya know i really don't know what exactly i said.. but, she started to cry and that might have been the spirit of contention as i might have just offended her long lost daughter type of dealio or... i actually shared something of worth. and so when i have finished up my comp shared a scripture that he enjoyed as well and we wrapped up that whole lesson with a nice time of asking for references and yeah...

Hahaha.... this is probably one of the weirdest experiences that i have EVER been in, in my life. so we walk into this house of a family of 7 that are investigators, yeah let me hear a HOLLA but.. they are not that interested... but what eva we are going to try anyway. and so we walk in and i introduce myself and we are just talkin with the family, and all of the sudden this really old lady just pipes up and says... "ya know elder anderson, you really look like the boyfriend of barbie." yeah.. needless to say.. i was shocked.. i have never heard that in my entire life... the only thing i could say was... um... thank you? yeah... everyone started to laugh and yeah.. i'm glad i could give everyone a good laugh with that straight up lie. yeah.. that was a pretty awkward moment i'm not going to lie... but ya know i'm a white person in mexico, anything i do is a joke.  and that was not only the end to awkward things that happened this last week. 

so... the next one is that we were at church and we just had finished and i was going around meeting everyone. and these girls came up to me and i got to know them, but they were from the other ward so.. i didn't really understand why i was trying to get to know them amongst the many many other people i have to memorize where they live, but then their brother came and told me that those girls and his mom thought that i looked like Justin Bieber.... yeah.. i know right? what is this? 1. I don't sing like a girl. 2. i don't even look like him. 3. yeah... thats all i got.  but yeah.. weird moment number 2. so the brother continued to tell me that his sisters and his mom would like to get a picture with me. (i don't know if this is just the new missionary hauntin train or what... because I think i am just in the middle of a huge justin bieber/ken joke here in this part of town.) So i was like.. um..  sure..? so me and my comp got a picture with his sisters and his mom, and then the sisters had me sign their hymn book (i know right? a hymn book? but ya know... haha) they had me sign it as "to my best fans (two names that i really can't remember) and then I signed my first and probably last imitation of the signature of Justin Bieber. yupp... what a good awkward week and sunday:D:D: But.. ya know.. memories:D:D 

and Victor Castro got baptized this week. I was not there for it but.. elder Lee told me that he got baptized (the guy that i prepared and did everything but.. i had changes before his baptismal date... yeah.. kinda blows.. but i'm glad that he decided to follow through:D:D:D What a man!!!) 

GUESS WHAT!!! ELDER GREENWOOD IS IN MY DISTRICT!!!! We eat lunch with him everyday!!!:D:D:D

but... this was my week... full of spiritual and adventure and Justin Bieber imitation. (and here in a photo of my new comp and me and elder lee and his new comp.)

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