Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

awkward family photos?

well... this week i don't have as much to write as the last week:D:D:D but... the big news is.... i have changes!!!! well... it actually kinda sucks... cuz i just have had the best time with probably the only american comp that i will ever have in the mission. so... now i have to go back with a mexican. great. 

but this week we just finished up teaching one of our investigators who will be baptized this coming saturday... yeah i know you now are probably thinking that i have changes and i won't be able to see this man get baptized yupp thats the darn truth but... yeah... i will see him in heaven so thats good:D:D:D  but yes this is the man that thinks that he is a werewolf and he always has yet another fun thing for us to hear every time we go visit him:D:D:D so thats always a good time:D but the latest thing is that he told us that his whole family have been kidnapped and that the government is always looking for him and that he has seen a half lady horse thing walking around his house in the night. haha yay for half lady horses!!! :D:D:D but this is all that has been going on with our investigator and he is progressing ver very well and he will be a fantastic member!:D 

but haha i was just going to write a quick something that was quite interesting that happened this week:D:D So... we eat at this same ladies house every week and she always has something that is... well to say the least... interesting. so this last saturday was no different to. we showed up and she gives us this bowl with this red soup with this food ( i'm stretching to say that it was food) and my comp turns to me and says. do you want to know what this is?. and... i just said "tell me after" because i just wasn't sure if i could eat it if i had an image in my head of what this thing was. so we start to eat this... mass. and it kinda looked like an organ or something kind of underwater sea food but all i knew that what ever it was it still was not cooked very well and i asked my comp when the hermana left the room and he said as well that this was not cooked almost at all. so literally we choked this down and quickly told the hermana that we were full and peaced out as fast as we could before she could try and fill up our bowls again. and when we got outside i asked my comp what in the world had we just eaten because that was almost worse than the brain we ate that one time. and he told me that it was cow stomach and a lot of people like it here and usually that it tasted a lot better when it is cooked. and i was honestly just wondering is that even healthy to eat stomach? because when your stomach is eating itself that isn't healthy. right? :D so then why is it good to eat the stomach of a cow? yeah.. easily that was another one of my blessings that i wrote down to hopefully avoid eating almost raw cow stomach ever again :D 

and... yeah:D one of the pictures that is black and white here is when me and my comp went searching for this man who needed a blessing. (because there is this hermana who tells all of her neighbors that she has 2 friends that give away free blessings.) so we go literally every where for people who just want blessings and we do it because that is a good way to get into people houses and introduce them to the gospel. but this photo is when we got lost and to find this guy we had to leave at 8 in the morning so when we got lost we just decided to take a small walk and found the edge of our area. yupp.. that is all:D:D:D

and the other one... well yeah it is kinda the same as last weeks but i just decided to send it... maybe i already did... but... i don't remember. but... yeah Return with honor right? or something like that. 

and... yeah i have changes so... changes are almost as bad as a awkward family photo. right? especially since everyone knows how much I dislike family photos:D:D:D

this week my mom said i could spend whatever i wanted for my birthday, so i did.  i bought two jars of peanut butter! 

today i am good, tomorrow?

well.. that is all for this week:D:D:D 


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  1. So great! I must say that I laughed and laughed at the "raw cow stomach" story! What a hoot! Gray is so interesting to listen to, and I'm sure he writes just like he talks and it's hilarious!! Thanks for posting these! I love reading Elder Anderson's letters!