Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

The only thing that i can think that happened this week that is worth telling is the experience that happened in this big bus. So me any my DL we were going to pick up some medicine for my ingrown toenail (which just wont go away) . and when we got on this bus was just screaming everything that mexico has to offer or if i were to explain to someone what it is like here. well... this experience pretty much sums up what it is like down here 24/7. because right when we got on the driver had a huge rum and was drunker than anything else that i have ever seen and he just kept on drinking with his buds that were there with him. and then when we walked to the back of the bus trying to get away from the man drinking we found yet another man in one of the back seats throwing up into a plastic bag(normal right?) but when he got done he didn't even tie up the bag or anything and just stuffed it under the seat (not so normal...). and then the guy that i was sitting next to had the biggest tumor on his face that i have ever seen in my whole life. and also when we were coming back the driver and his buds were just enjoying a good ol mary jane. and so that was... interesting... but yeah that was just an interesting time of this last week. Needless to say that mexico will never be America. 
Working with the less actives has been a wonderful part of my mission.  the dog i am holding is one of the less actives. they love feeling the spirit and i love bringing it to them. 
the one picture is of some fish we put in tacos and the other is a street in my area i will be leaving. i will miss all the people i have come to love. i love mexico and i love the people.
i am so grateful for all you did for me growing up. i thought i appreciated it then but for how hard it has been here in mexico i honestly don't think i was grateful enough. the hard times of a mission (not complaining) have humbled me to the point of love beyond measure for you guys. tell hudson he may never really get it until life gets hard like mine has been but to try to be grateful and not hateful like i was. me going without and seeing so many go without and being treated so bad has changed me. 
thank you for all your support while i have been here.
as for my toe, i know i have spent a boat load of money on it and wish i wasn't spending so much on it all the time, i just never get enough time to give my foot a rest from the shoe. i think the fix here is not what you said in the states, sorry for using so much extra money but i don't know what else to do, i think this is now my $5,000 dollar toe:D:D:D
wish i knew where i was going but i will tell you next week, i sure will miss the people here:D:D:D 

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